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14 Cartoons Like Fraggle Rock

Fraggle Rock is a beloved television series with musical fantasy comedy puppets created by Jim Henson, the mastermind behind The Muppets. The show premiered in 1983 and quickly became a cultural phenomenon. Fraggle Rock sets in a magical underground world and follows the adventures of the furry and colorful Fraggles, who live alongside the Doozers and Gorgs.

It provides valuable themes such as diversity, friendship, and environmentalism and entertains audiences with its catchy music and playful humor. It has five seasons but continues to hold a unique position in the hearts of fans, young and old. Fraggle Rock endures its legacy by providing the creativity and imagination of Jim Henson and his team of talented puppeteers.


  • fantasy comedy puppets
  • beloved TV series
  • Magical underground world
  • Playful humor
  • Valuable themes

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