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20 Cartoons Like Elinor Wonders Why

Elinor Wonders Why” is a children’s animated television series produced by Pipeline Studios and premiered on PBS Kids in 2020. The show follows the adventures of Elinor and her friends, Ari and Olive, as they explore the natural world and ask questions to understand how things work.

Each episode of “Elinor Wonders Why” features a different scientific concept or phenomenon, such as how bees make honey or why birds migrate. Elinor and her friends learn about the world around them and develop a love of learning and curiosity. The show is designed for children ages 4 to 6 and emphasizes the importance of observation, asking questions, and using critical thinking to understand the world.


  • Encourage social development
  • Enhance languages
  • Teaches science and nature
  • Promotes critical thinking

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Updated on: March 28, 2023
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