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12 Apps Like DraftSight

DraftSight is a powerful tool used by designers, architects, and even people who do mechanical design. This computer-aided design and two-dimensional drafting solution make it easy for users to make CAD projects and 2D drawings organized. Users don’t have to worry about compatibility with other file types either, since DraftSight is designed software that can open and save DXF and DWG files.

The software also works with the file formats.tif,.jpeg,.stl,.png,.pdf, and.SVG. Drawings from outside sources can also be added, as the software also supports this. Users can use easy-to-understand and improved command prompts, print multiple graphics, and quickly measure things with DraftSight. All of these features help people get more done. DraftSight also has tools for editing and setting up the way things look.


  • Tried hard to mimic auto cad and did a great job
  • Free trial version
  • Good program for 2D drawing

DraftSight Alternatives

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Updated on: February 1, 2024

3: LibreCAD


LibreCAD is a free, cross-platform, open-source 2D CAD program that can be used on more than 30 different platforms.LibreCAD is free software that you can give away and/or change. Under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2. This program is being given out in the hopes that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY GUARANTEE; without even the implied guarantee of fitness FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR MERCHANTABILITY.able to read DWG and DXF files write DXF, SVG,…



QCAD is an architectural CAD program that helps businesses make two-dimensional technical drawings (2D). Managers can import and export drawings in different formats, like BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, ICO, and XPM, using the platform. Diagrams can be made by administrators using built-in line types, fonts, and widths, as well as clipboard, functions like copy, cut, paste, and duplicate. Teams can use QCAD to change the size and angle of patterns, make hatches with trimmed boundaries, and add bitmaps. Supervisors can…

5: progeCAD


progeCAD is CAD software for both 2D drafting and 3D modeling. It has features like file conversion, data import/export, multi-grip editing, data extraction, image correction, and more that are useful for architectural firms. Users can plot PDFs using color and style tables and printer configuration parameter files in progeCAD. It works with many different file formats, such as AutoCAD drawings, scripts, and drawing exchange formats. TrueType and SHP/SHX fonts, Hatch Patterns, Linetypes, and Blocks. A tool palette is a place…

6: nanoCAD


nanoCAD works in any industry. It supports simple to sophisticated international designs. Mechanical engineering, architecture, site design, and landscaping have successfully used the program. It has a familiar interface, powerful tools, native DWG files, and rapid technical assistance.NanoCAD is a native DWG editor. AutoCAD is based on it. nanoCAD was meant to use DWG natively, without translation or modification. Open Design Alliance member Nanosoft. nanoCAD supports 3D point clouds and IFC models.It's developer-friendlynanoCAD is a free AutoCAD-compatible platform. Thus, CAD…

7: FreeCAD


FreeCAD is an open-source, on-premise 3D modeller that can be used to design objects of all sizes for businesses. Programmers can draw limited 2D shapes and use them as building blocks for other objects on a single platform. FreeCAD has different parts that allow companies to get design details from 3D models and change dimensions to make production drawings. The software works with many different file types, including IGES, SVG, DXF, DE, IFC, STL, STEP, OBJ, and more. Its Arch…

The software known as SketchUp is a 3D modeling tool. SketchUp is used by construction managers, architects, engineers, and interior designers to easily visualize complex projects, clearly document them, and coordinate their efforts. SketchUp enables professionals to move more quickly from the design phase to the construction phase of projects, including domestic renovations and complicated commercial projects. The software provides capabilities for designing in both two dimensions and three dimensions, enabling users to envision, plan, and communicate planned construction projects.…

IntelliCAD by CAD Manufacturing Solutions is a cheap, powerful alternative to AutoCAD that is made to be quick, flexible, and efficient. It gives users the power and flexibility they expect from a standard CAD program like AutoCAD. It uses a lot of the same file formats, commands, text styles, and other things that AutoCAD does. This makes it very compatible with AutoCAD. It also lets you use AutoCAD menu files, run AutoLISP programs, and recompile Custom ADS to link with…

ARCHICAD is GRAPHISOFT's BIM (Building Information Modeling) CAD software suite for architects, designers, and planners. ARCHICAD's latest version improves design tools and design workflow procedures. The current version features a redesigned Façade Design methodology for designing and developing structurally solid, hierarchical curtain wall systems. GPU-accelerated, 64-bit algorithms speed up 2D panning and zooming, and Parametric Custom Profiles add intelligence to the Profile Editor's wall, beam, and column profiles. Expression-based properties let you derive new properties and property values based on…

Autodesk  AutoCAD offers users the most powerful 2D and 3D design experience in the industry, along with improved automation. Even from printed designs, you can easily add markups and incorporate input with only a few clicks of the mouse. You can take advantage of curated insights to learn about capabilities that can help you get work done more quickly, such as the ability to automate the counting of objects and compare drawings. AutoCAD contains specialized toolkits with capabilities that are…

BricsCAD is the first CAD design solution in.dwg that covers all your needs, including 2D drafting, 3D modeling, mechanical design, and Building Information Modeling (BIM). The BricsCAD family of products gives Windows, macOS, and Linux users a low-cost, cross-platform CAD solution. BricsCAD is available as both a permanent/perpetual license and a subscription license for computers that are part of a network or that are on their own. You can also add Maintenance to make it easier to stay current. New…

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