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21 Dance Bootha Alternatives

Dance Bootha is an application used for making dancing videos. It helps you to create unique content, like dancing animations.

Dance Bootha provides the easiest way to create funny dance animations. You have to add your face by taking a picture or importing it from the camera roll, and its algorithm automatically makes different dance videos. Dance Bootha saves your previous projects, so you can watch and review these projects anytime and share them with family and friends.

It provides a cropping tool that helps in cropping faces according to need. Dance Bootha delivers all these features without charging a single penny and provides ad-free services.


  • clean interface
  • Free APK available
  • Light version application
  • Consume less space


  • Free version
  • Ads-free service
  • Simple to use


  • There is no security and privacy
  • Legally not registered
  • No updates available

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Updated on: September 26, 2023

ElfYourself is an entertaining application designed for kids. It is the most popular application for kids, especially during their holidays. Users can make dozens of personalized fun dancing videos using their faces. ElfYourself is straightforward to operate that users only have to add their faces and choose the Dance move, and the algorithm automatically creates your videos. You can add five faces at a time. It allows you to share your Dance on social media. ElfYourself is an open-source application…

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