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10 Sites Like ClickBank

Clickbank is an online platform where vendors can promote and sell e-products like programs, software, online courses, memberships, and more. That platform offers vendors to promote their products, and Clickbank earns a commission on sales. Also, it is beneficial for vendors to find the best products due to the high price and quality comparison. Clickbank handles the payment processing and all tracking.

It is very easy to use if you want to sell a product on Clickbank; log in and list your product and mention the price of how much you pay for people called affiliates who help you to sell your products. Also, Clickbank provides tools to check the status of sales and profit.


  • Vast affiliate marketplace
  • Direct deposit and check
  • Commission flexibility
  • Refund policy
  • Wide audience
  • Easy payment process
  • Fewer barriers for new users

ClickBank Alternative

    1: BuyGoods


    BuyGoods helps you to promote online your products and services. That tool provides you with a different tracker, allowing you to find your sales and profit statics. Also, BuyGoods provides advertising features that give a very high reach to your products. It is very simple to use. Just create an account after registration, and users can list their products. BuyGoods provides the best sales boosting tools, such as tracking and analytics, automated reporting, publisher marketplace, customized checkout pages, 24/7 white…

    2: Rakuten Advertising

    Rakuten Advertising

    Rakuten Advertising is an advertising platform and subsidiary of Rakuten. Rakuten Advertising Provides unique digital advertising solutions and services for advertisers, publishers, and sellers. That tool helps vendors to reach their target rapidly. That platform offers various advertising formats like display ads, affiliate marketing, search marketing, and influencer marketing. That platform uses the latest innovative technology and data-driven to optimize ads campaigns. That website offers a publisher network where other website owners and audiences can join and monetize their digital…

    3: JVZoo


    JVZoo is an online platform that has a specialty in affiliate marketing. That platform allows vendors to promote their products, such as software, e-book courses, and plugins. That platform helps affiliate marketers to promote and earn commission by referring customers to those products. JVZoo provides a digital platform where affiliates can list and sell their digital products. Vendors can set prices, commissions, and rates for the affiliate. That tool also provides performance tracking tools that help monitor sales, profit, and…

    4: Shopify


    Shopify is the most trusted platform that offers to build your e-commerce website. There are only three steps required for a startup: create a shop; add eye-catching products in your shop with photos, prices, and descriptions; and the last step to set up payments and start selling. Shopify offers thousands of themes to customize your shop, and it is very simple to use; no need to have professional skills. Shopify offers a free trial to their new users with all…

    5: ShareAsale


    ShareAsale is the fastest-growing affiliate marketing platform. That platform has a vast network of affiliate marketers and connects more than 270,000+ active affiliate partners to increase customer reach and revenue. That platform allows content creators, website owners, influencers, and technology partners to build powerful, profitable partnerships with our attachments of brands across multiple sectors. ShareAsale has a wide range of specifically designed to solve your problems and enhance the ability and speed of work, such as an analytics tracking tool…

    6: eBay Partner Network

    eBay Partner Network

    eBay Partner Network is an affiliate program. That platform allows individuals and businesses to earn commissions by referring customers to eBay. That platform offers vendors to promote their products to earn commission on sales. It helps new users to find the most attractive and high-quality products for selling. Also, eBay Partner Network handles the payment process. It is very easy to use, create an account and add your favorite products to the list; then, decide your commission, make a price,…

    7: MaxWeb


    MaxWeb is an affiliate network that helps users to promote products and earn profit quickly. It has a specialty in CPA (cost Per Action). MaxWeb handles the tracking, conversations, payment process, and support for help. The main focus of MaxWeb is on various verticals such as health and beauty, finance, e-commerce, and more. It acts as an intermediary between sellers and advertisers. That tool is best for finding better products, selecting offers, generating unique tracking links, and monitoring performance and…

    8: Amazon Associates

    Amazon Associates

    Amazon Associates is an affiliate marketing program. Promoting and referring customers to Amazon’s products allows people to earn money. It is very easy to use. Just sign-up and Amazon Associates gives you a unique affiliate ID. Then you can create affiliate links to products or categories on the Amazon website. It’s very simple. After that, when someone clicks on your link and purchase from Amazon, you earn your profit. Amazon Associates pays you a commission according to the price of…

    9: PeerFly


    PeerFly is a platform that generates a significant relationship between advertisers and publishers. That tool is used to promote products and services to generate revenue. PeerFly allows advertisers to create, set up, and manage affiliate programs. Here advisers are free to set commission structures. Also, that tool provides a conversation track to enhance the relationship. PeerFly offers tracking and reporting tools that allow both advisers and vendors to keep an eye on the performance of their campaigns. That tool assures…

    10: is a market network site that connects vendors with publishers to promote products and services. It plays the role of intermediate and helps to facilitate the relationship between vendors and advertisers. Join to promote your product or services; that platform increases brand visibility and attracts customers. That platform also provides tools to check campaigns and monitor clicks, conversations, and commission generated. also takes care of your payments. That tool offers various affiliate programs and promotes through different…

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