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27 Sites Like Bookwalker

Book Walker is a Japanese e-book store that sells manga, light novels, and magazines from various publishers and is published by themselves also. It’s based in Chicago, Tokyo, and created by the Kadokawa Corporation. It’s the best web-based application that delivers its users a comprehensive catalog of manga series and newly updated chapters and stories.

It helps to read every language by its translator tool to understand better and enjoy learning online and offline. It’s a free application to access easily by a user interface that runs on Android, Windows, mobiles, IOS, and mac. Further, it also delivers a range of popular search novels, comics, anime, and audiobooks. It offers quality content worldwide and provides HD-quality images to read easily.


  • Japanese e-book
  • Light novels
  • Comprehensive catalog
  • Free to access

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Updated on: February 9, 2023

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