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34 Sites Like Animixplay

With AniMixPlay, you can watch HD anime dubbing in English or subbing in English for free without any interruptions of ads interrupting your experience. Streaming anime on this online web-based platform in several different ways to choose the one best suited to your needs is possible.

You can choose from various genres: action, horror, drama, adventure, historical, fantasy, games, and demons. The menu, schedule, and stream list are also accessible from the left of the screen on desktop and mobile. You can also search for anime in random order, and the system will provide you with an alphabetical list.


  • List of anime from A to Z
  • Without any disruptive ads
  • HD anime with dubbing in English
  • Free-to-use
  • Wide range of genres

Alternatives to Animixplay

    1: Wcofun


    With Wcofun, you can legally watch and stream anime, comics, and movies online. You don't have to be a service member to stream anime, cartoons, and films. The WCOFUN website has a complete list of all cartoons, movies, and animations. You will never have to pay again to watch an anime or cartoon on Netflix, Hulu, or Crunchyroll. Its ultimate goal is to find every place on the Internet where anime and cartoons can be watched legally and for free…


    The Zoro website lets you watch English-subtitled and -dubbed anime online without registering. The site is updated every day. A streamer can offer high-definition quality and a wide range of other services, such as fast updates, quick updates, customer service, and much more. Also, it is an all-access site where the user doesn't have to interact with any ads while browsing, so you don't have to worry about being hacked or getting malware. You don't have to sign up for…

    3: Horriblesubs


     Horriblesubs is one of the oldest and biggest fan subbing groups worldwide as it delivers fans translate, encode, time, and edit tools to their shows to make them more realistic. It designs to get the latest free anime content at a decent speed, where you can download it. It's the most popular website on online webpages on Google extension to search more and has relevant traffic every month. It prefers first by millions of people worldwide as it delivers a comprehensive…

    4: GoGoAnime


    Gogo anime is an online website on Google extension that has worked for more than ten years to serve its users as it delivers free anime series. It provides high-quality anime dramas and movies with English dubbed for free. It has Chinese and Japanese anime version that people loves to watch now a day. It has a smooth interface that accesses android, Linux, windows, and iPhones to watch and read anywhere and anytime. It updates the latest chapters that are…

    5: DarkAnime


      Dark anime is an online web application offering free legal anime streaming. It is the top-rated platform with maximum monthly traffic, as it prefers most worldwide, giving you the content you want to watch. It offers to stream online and fills its library with the darkest, grittiest, scariest, horror, and edgiest anime titles that most people love to watch. The well-known service offers the most extensive collection of dubbed, subbed anime and Ova series. It's a platform known for…

    6: Anilinkz


    Anilinkz is an online website that offers free service to its users and a bundle of entertainment packages as it delivers complete anime series. It provides endless browsing of anime videos and movies you love. It publishes daily and updates your favorite series' latest episodes and chapters. It has maximum traffic that millions of people worldwide prefer to watch their favorite series. It has a smooth interface that runs on every device and anywhere to get your life in relaxed…

    7: Anime Door

    Anime Door

    Anime door is an online entertainment website that opens the door to fun and enjoyment in your life to relax in your free hours. It's an open-source application that provides complete anime series, dramas, news, wallpaper, movies, and manga. It's free of cost webpage; you must download this app without installing any other app on your device. It's trustworthy and virus-free software that keeps your privacy and has traffic analysis to bring millions in a month. It designs for adults…

    8: AnimeFreak


    Anime freak is an online streaming website that delivers anime movies, dramas, and series from your favorite publisher. It provides daily updated chapters that you want to continue watching. It brings entertainment to your life and enjoyment in your free hours. It gives free and easy access to watch online series; download this app without needing to install any other software. It's the number one website platform that brings high-quality streaming to watch dubbed and subbed anime with no buffering.…

    9: Anime Kaizoku

    Anime Kaizoku

    Anime Kaizoku is the best place to download anime series, movies, dramas, and ova series, providing the best anime dose for free. It allows its users to download and get in your favorite add list to watch anytime. It offers a smooth interface that supports Android, Linux, iPhone, and Windows to manage anywhere with good internet access. It provides dubbed and subbed anime to understand better, as it delivers Chinese and Japanese content. People worldwide love to watch anime series,…

    10: AnimeShow


    An anime show, as its name calls it, brings all anime content to its website, which allows users to get fantastic series from their favorite publisher. It provides all popular dramas, news, movies, and seasons of old and new episodes with the best English subtitles to understand better. It offers Japanese and Chinese anime content that people love watching, bringing maximum traffic monthly. It provides high-quality resolution to watch your favorite series and a vast collection, high card, ninja, over…

    11: AnimeStreams


    Anime streams is an online webpage application that delivers a vast collection of anime, fan fiction, fan art, and more. It updates new chapters and episodes on daily bases that you want to complete in any case. It provides your favorite publisher with anime series, dramas, and movies to enjoy in free hours, a complete entertainment package for its users, including romance, comedy, fantasy, and adventure. It delivers high-quality videos and image resolution without buffering and with English subtitles to…

    12: Animenova


    Anime nova is a free application of Google extension to watch online anime series, dramas, and primary content. It provides a comprehensive anime list, including romance, fantasy, adventure, comedy, and many others. It delivers every series in English subtitles to understand better and with high-quality resolution pictures and videos. You can watch your favorite content from your famous publisher without downloading any other app, and install anime nova to get an excellent anime list. It updates each episode and chapter…


    Because Moe is a search engine for legal anime streams to watch your favorite publisher's latest drama, movies, art fiction, and series, it delivers online video series with high-quality resolution and English subtitles to understand easily. It provides Chinese and Japanese anime series which people love to watch now a day and has crazy feeling. It updates each chapter daily, and people eagerly wait to watch the new episodes. You can get a comprehensive anime list, including romantic, fantasy, adventurous,…

    14: 123Anime


    123 anime is a free anime site that gives users entertainment packages online. It's a platform where you can find and download your favorite anime movies and dramas and add them to your favorite list to watch later. You can get a comprehensive anime series including romantic, fantasy, adventurous, horror, funny, and action content. It delivers every series in English subtitles, dubbed and subbed series to understand better. Also, you can change the theme. It provides its users with high-quality…

    15: 9Anime


    9Anime is the best free anime streaming platform that allows users to watch online anime series as it's a complete entertainment package. It updates new chapters faster on daily bases that anime lovers waited eagerly to watch. It gives high-quality resolution pictures and videos and delivers subbed, dubbed, and English titles to better understand every word. It's the top-rated platform with high-ranking traffic to watch their favorite anime content and of their favorite publisher. It provides its users with various…

    16: Daisuki


     Daisuki is a Japanese website designed for adults and children by giving their related content, anime series, and dramas. It was founded in 2013 by Asatsu-DK and six production companies. It manages by japan, which delivers several animation studios and a vast library with thousands of anime content series. It updates every episode of your favorite anime character and publisher daily. It gives high-resolution videos and pictures to watch clearly. It provides a smooth interface that runs on every device,…

    17: AnimeHeroes


    Anime heroes, as named called it's a website that gives a comprehensive list of top anime heroes. It mostly appears in Japanese cartoons on similar media platforms, often having good and bad character anime. It also delivers manga and fictional characters in series, novels, dramas, and movies. People worldwide love Japanese and Chinese character anime now a day as they are super cool to watch. Some listed heroes, including Soul Eater and Maka, Vash, Kirito, Edward, the sailor scouts, and…

    18: NarutoGet


    NarutoGet is an online web application that works on Google extension to serve better to its visitors. It gives easy and free access to watch all Naruto episodes online in HD 720p and 1080p; it also provides dubbed, subbed, and English subtitles to understand each word. It's a complete entertainment package for users to watch their favorite anime characters in the drama, movies, art fiction, and series. Further, it provides romantic, horror, fantasy, adventure, and comedy content for adults and…

    19: Animeultima


    Anime Ultima is the official application that provides entertainment for users to enjoy their life watching their favorite series. It's an online webpage that provides a vast collection of anime series, dramas, movies, art fiction, and other content. You must download this application or play any favorite series online. It gives high-quality resolution pictures and videos and delivers English subtitles to understand better, as it provides all Japanese and Chinese content. It covers everything with most classic series of old…

    20: AnimeBee


    Anime bee is a free website to watch online anime series without any registration or payment. You do not need to access any other application that helps you to download this app. It's the best anime platform for downloading subbed and dubbed anime in ultra HD quality with good picture resolution. It's a safe, secure app that gives you listed series of your favorite anime and favorite publisher. It updates chapters and new episodes on daily bases that you want…

    21: AnimeSeason


    AnimeSeason is an online website o n the Google Chrome extension, as it covers series, dramas, movies, and anime seasons based on manga. It updates daily the new chapters that you eagerly waiting to watch. It’s an informational blog that deeply covers the content of anime and cartoons. It's a top traffic analysis site covering millions of people worldwide. It is a popular page for watching free anime episodes to download and stream online. It has a smooth interface supports…

    22: BabyAnime


    BabyAnime is an online web application that delivers anime movies, series, and dramas from your favorite publisher. It's an open-source application that gives easy access to watch online series using good internet with no buffering and updates the latest anime seasons and chapters that you want to complete. It's the best application for anime lovers as it provides Japanese and Chinese content that brings more publicity nowadays. It gives the best experience for its users to watch high-quality videos and…

    23: Masteranime


    Masteranime is the best anime online website that gives endless entertainment packages for its users. It's a hub for anime lovers of all kinds, a place that covers all anime movies, series, seasons, and dramas. It's a free, open-source application where you can watch with download and without downloading by streaming online. You can get a complete list of anime series from your favorite publisher, and in the high-quality picture. It updates on daily bases the new and latest chapters…

    24: Terrarium TV

    Terrarium TV

    Terrarium TV is an official website with great content to entertain your life. It's a complete source of related content for adults and children, including movies, series, dramas, and the latest sessions. It updates new episodes daily that you are eagerly waiting to watch. It offers Japanese and Chinese anime cartoons for anime lovers, bringing more traffic to the website. It's an online web application with a vast catalog of legal content and offers a smooth interface for Android, Linux,…

    25: Anime Tosho

    Anime Tosho

    Anime Tosho is an online web application that has served its users for more than ten years. It's a torrent site for indie anime lovers where you can easily find and download your favorite anime content. It offers a smooth interface that supports android and windows to watch tv shows, movies, dramas, and series anywhere and anytime. It provides high-quality image resolution and video with unique pixels and English subtitles to understand their language. It delivers Japanese and Chinese anime…

    26: Funimation


    Funimation is an online web application that provides exclusive content to its users, as it has a vast library to search anime series online. It has a smooth interface to access on Android, Linux, and windows anywhere and anytime. You need a good internet connection to get excellent content of Chinese and Japanese anime that people love to watch nowadays. It updates new chapters daily and has 10k episodes of every drama and movie, meaning it keeps a catalog of…

    27: Animeheaven


    Animeheaven, as its name suggests, is the best online anime-lover application that allows you to watch anime movies, series, and dramas from your favorite publisher. It has a vast anime collection: funny, horror, mystery, adventurous, and romantic. It updates with new chapters of top anime series you want to watch daily. It has smooth interface access to run on Android iPhones, iPads, and windows, with a good internet connection. It provides high-q uality resolution videos and English subtitles to watch…

    28: AnimeLand


    AnimeLand is a land of anime, movie series, and dramas you want to watch and provides easy access as it's a free, open-source application. It offers unlimited anime shows from your favorite publisher and daily updates on new chapters and episodes people love watching. It's an online streaming website with a vast collection of romance, comics, magazines, fantasy, adventure, and horror content. It's a complete entertainment package for anime lovers as it delivers subbed, dubbed, and English subtitles to clearly…

    29: Anime-Planet


    Anime-Planet is an online website and anime world with a vast collection of dramas, series, and movies. It provides related content for adults and children, like romance, comedy, adventure, fantasy, horror, mystery, and many others. It's a free, open-source application that gives easy access and a smooth interface to watch on android, windows, iPhone, iPad, and Linux. You can stream online over 45k legal anime series and download also to add to your favorites. It also has industry-supported anime sessions…

    30: Animelab


    Animelab is a free, open-source application allowing users to watch the latest and most popular anime series and movies. It provides Japanese and Chinese content series that are most favorite of everyone nowadays. People worldwide prefer to watch their favorite shows published daily, so they continue watching their episodes with no wait. It's an online streaming webpage and a Google app store that you get on your devices by simply downloading from the play store. You need internet access to…

    31: MyAnimeList


    MyAnimeList is often abbreviated as MAL, as it's a collection of anime and manga series and movies with an incredible catalog of romance, funny, graphic novels, and adventures. It's a social networking platform that runs on Android, Linux, and windows, so you can get easy access to watch series anywhere and anytime. It provides users with a list-like system to organize and score anime and manga. The world's most active online streaming website delivers Japanese and Chinese content and the…

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